Cesenatico and not only! A territory to discover


Cesenatico is one of the most characteristic towns of the Riviera Romagnola. With its colourful fishermen's cottageshis Leonardo's Canal Harbour and his Piazzetta delle ConserveYou can easily visit it in a day. Among the places to visit absolutely, there is the Maritime Museumto better understand the history of Cesenatico, but also of this part of the Riviera so dedicated to fishing and marine life. In Cesenatico you will also find the Pantani Museum, wanted after the disappearance of the young cyclist; the beautiful golden beaches and the skyscraper of the city. Visiting Cesenatico is undoubtedly one of the activities not to be missed during a stay at the Hotel Brasilia. During the day we also recommend a stop at one of the restaurants on the Porto Canale or at a piadina kiosk on the seafront.


Only 30 km from CesenaticoRavenna is one of the most important cities of Romagna, thanks to its rich artistic heritage, with 8 monuments in the list of the most important monuments of the region. UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit beautiful basilicas, ancient mausoleums, spectacular mosaics and fascinating curiosities including the tomb of Dante Alighieri at the Basilica of San Francesco in the city centre.

Saint Leo

A fascinating place rich in history, San Leo is a village perched on a mountain overhanging the valleys of Valmarecchia in the hinterland of Romagna. At the top of the village stands the Fortress, which in the past served as a military fortress, but is now the seat of the Museum of San Leo. From the fortress you can admire a breathtaking view with a view as far as the sea, for a view of the hinterland of Romagna that not everyone knows. Other places of interest are the bell tower and the Cathedral, which are rich in ancient charm.

San Marino

Considered the oldest republic in the worldSan Marino is a destination not to be missed considering the peculiarity of the place: an independent state perched on Mount Titano, rich in history and culture. Since 2008, the old town and Mount Titano have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. World Heritage Sites. Besides the history and the ancient monuments you can visit, San Marino is also famous for shopping, thanks to the numerous outlets, shopping centres and craft shops for all tastes.


Cesena is aimportant city of art with a lively old town surrounded by ancient walls, still almost intact. Among the main attractions are the Malatesta Librarythe first European civic library, and the Bonci Theatreone of the most appreciated in Italy. Once the central city of the dominion of the Malatesta dynasty, it includes numerous churches and palaces of considerable historical and artistic interest, including the Rocca Malatestiana. Nearby we recommend a visit to theBenedictine Abbey of Monte.

Milano Marittima

Known as the most elegant and exclusive seaside resort of the Riviera Romagnola, brought to light by the famous night clubs frequented by celebrities and not only, which liven up the hot summer nights of the Riviera. In the town centre there are many excellent restaurants, countless boutiques which propose high fashion brands and much more. Milano Marittima, however, is not just about nightlife but also offers a lot of services for families with childrenincluding equipped beaches and amusement parks for all needs.

Cervia and the salt pans

Cervia is a city known above all for the production of salt. A visit to the salt warehouses is a must, as they house the Salt Museumin a suggestive setting. In the centre of the city are the San Michele Tower, the Cathedral, the Town Hall and Piazza Garibaldi. The historic city centre is lively and often animated by markets, concerts and famous events such as the Marriage of the Sea, the Festival of San Lorenzo and the Salt Festival. Nearby is the millenary pinewood and the thermal baths, a modern facility particularly known for its lagoon mud treatments and for theHealing water from the Cervia Salt Pans.

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