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50 years of hospitality

Fifty-five years have passed since the first family is welcomed at the Hotel Brasilia, and today we are here with the same enthusiasm and the same care in the host and in making us feel at home, families that are in Villamarina from every part of Italy and Europe.

Every year we tried to improve ourselves, identifying ourselves in the tastes of the guests that accoglievamo, always giving a service, a council, a kind word.

It was not always easy, it is true, but to say that it's not worth it it would be a lie.
Today we are here, still here after 55 seasons , and still today, as then, and as the year that we have seen to pass, we would like to thank.

A Special Thanks to each of our guests, who helped write the pages of this long history of 55 years. Together with you, we have woven the memories of a beautiful friendship that we still have today. We look forward to your next vacation.

Cinzia, Michele, Mattia e Giulia

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